Torque Converter Not Lining up


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Aug 27, 2019
North Caronlina
The build hit a major halt last night. After mounting the engine, I started to install the torque converter from COMET only to find that the backside of the plate was butting up against the seat post. After an hour of moving the engine around, trying out different placements for the converter plate, there was no resolution. No matter what, the back plate hits the seat post. I tried flipping the plate, but the fins on the plate hit the crankcase and its offset. So that wont work either. After talking to a fellow builder, he suggested i return the converter i have now and purchase the stock torque converter thats comes with the Death Row kit. Stating that it is a bit longer, and has a flat plate rather then the fins.

What do you think?

Should i be able to fit the death row torque kit, clearing the seat post without issues?

Should I just consider getting a jackshaft kit, if so what components would i need for that ?

If all fails, can i just get a centrifugal clutch (being that theres no real hills here in NC) and call it a day?

edit.. the transmission picture with the yellow circle is the death row kit.