predator 212

  1. breath_easy13

    Fitting Torque Converter on Vertical Mounted 212cc

    Catching anyone up since my last post. After mounting the 212cc, i found that the COMET torque converter would not fit. The back of the plate butts up against the seat post. Theres no adjusting, flipping the plate, etc that will make it work. So after todays research, here are the options...
  2. breath_easy13

    Torque Converter Not Lining up

    The build hit a major halt last night. After mounting the engine, I started to install the torque converter from COMET only to find that the backside of the plate was butting up against the seat post. After an hour of moving the engine around, trying out different placements for the converter...
  3. B

    Schwinn OCC Chopper 212cc Build

    Howdy, I am venturing into my first Predator 212 (removed gov.) build and wanted people's opinion on somethings. To start with I am using a Schwinn OCC Stingray bicycle that I will be extending the frame. On the main lower frame bar I will be using 2”x4” square tubing so that I can also use it...