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  1. 4 Stroke Bicycle Build Part 17 (Torque Converter (cvt) Settings Explained!)

    4 Stroke Bicycle Build Part 17 (Torque Converter (cvt) Settings Explained!)

    I got asked how I get my bike to 4200rpm with a cvt @ 42mph in my videos with a 78.5cc 4 stroke~ Here is the setup!
  2. breath_easy13

    Fitting Torque Converter on Vertical Mounted 212cc

    Catching anyone up since my last post. After mounting the 212cc, i found that the COMET torque converter would not fit. The back of the plate butts up against the seat post. Theres no adjusting, flipping the plate, etc that will make it work. So after todays research, here are the options...
  3. breath_easy13

    Torque Converter Not Lining up

    The build hit a major halt last night. After mounting the engine, I started to install the torque converter from COMET only to find that the backside of the plate was butting up against the seat post. After an hour of moving the engine around, trying out different placements for the converter...
  4. H

    HELP with HF 212cc project

    Hi i am mounting a 212 HF engine into road bike and i need help with the torque converter/jackshaft system. I do not have a welder and i know that i will not be able to put a chain straight from the shaft to the rear sprocket. That is the foirst problem- alignment. Then i need to be able to...