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Feb 22, 2008
Well.. The past several days have been fantastic. Here we are, late Nov and Temps are close to 70 degrees. I have been averaging 40-70 miles a day on my Titan. I have over 3000 miles now and she is running better than new. So far I have only burned around 1 or 2 cc's of oil for my 3000 miles.. I have changed out my 36T for a 41T and I like it the best now. The 36T may be better for 2 strokes and at lower altitudes mainly due to the dry manual clutch. For the Titan with the Auto clutch, the 41T seems to be the magic number. I did notice my MPG have dropped by 20mpg. I am down to around 140 mpg or so. Down from 155 - 160. I am using 415 chains exclusively and they seem to work best for the money. One day I may try a super good expensive 081 Bicycle chain but for now, the 415 does the job well and I can cruise 28-31 mph which is plenty fast. I have hit 37mph but that was winding her up and going down hill. Also.. I have been pulling a Burley with 35-55 lbs of load and still, the Titan setup does not falter. I like the momentum you get with a loaded trailer. I do not like the width and you really need to pay attention when cornering. With the trailer empty, I have turned it over 2 times. But the load testing for the Titan has been good. I have really been riding and proving and results have been stellar. I really love this Titan setup. It really is not hard to accumulate 70 plus miles in a day on Titan. The bike I am using now is a GIANT with front suspension. I really miss the rear suspension that I had on my Cheap Next Alloy bike. That Cheap Next turned out to be a pretty good bike once you swap out the rear wheel with a better one. I may move back over to it and swap this engine over and I will keep racking up the miles. I feel I am catching up to Large. I think he has over 3000 miles on his Titan.. Enjoy the ride...
Jul 22, 2008
HA! I have over 4 thousand now!

I tell you. I'll vouch for this engine's dependability. My Worksman Trike is no lightweight. And I'm 280 currently but trying again to lose weight. I've been hauling groceries and just about anything including hauling a passenger to school the other day! It's geared lower now but it's so dependable.
Just today with the errands I did and just messing around I did over 50 miles. And this is almost every day. And I haven't remembered the last time I went a whole day without riding with the exception of the weekends that I'm with my host home guy.

This engine just won't quit. Still starts one pull. Clutch pads still good. And it never complains wether it's on the Buggy Bike or Cronus.

When I get the funds I want Cronus to get a newer engine to go with that newer carriage. But for now they don't mind sharing the same engine.
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