Tire Question



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Apr 4, 2008
The tires that came on my Whizzer are 24 x 2.125 Cheng Shin - they say on the side for "Electric Bike Use Only". I know they are a lot less gummy/soft than the tires on my cruiser bicycles.

I was wondering if there are specific tires that one should use or can the 24 x 2.125 or 24 x 3 cruiser bicycle tires be used. I know they would wear quicker - but maybe give a bit more traction - that and the availability of the "Electric Bike" tires like the Cheng Shins may not be as readily available.

And is there a speed difference rating? Seems like when I look up "motorbike tires", "motor bike tires", "moped tires" or even just "motorcycle tires" I am not coming up with tires in the 24" size at all. But I can find tons of bicycle cruiser tires in my size. And I was thinking that as long as I get a good quality thorn resistant tube and a heavy duty rim liner it would be ok - as long as the bead on the tire is strong and can stand the stresses.

Any thoughts?



Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I would go with "regular" tires and feel safe and secure. I have well over a thousand miles at speed on motorized bikes with cruiser type 1.90 Bell tires from W-Mart.