Tips for changing bearings and engine assembly


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Mar 7, 2016
Hello guys.
I researched for two days here in the forum the information I need , but I found just a few.

I need to change the four largest motor bearings ( clutch and crankshaft ), but need tips on how to assemble them , I'll leave some questions here on the topic.

1. What are the models of bearings to replace the current ? I know a lot of people recommend the NGK and SFK brands.

2. How to fit the bearing ? I saw a video (no audio and short ) where the person uses grease to allow the bearing fitting easier. It can be a grease universal type ?

3. I saw that the bearings will also embedded with two rubber bearing seal (magneto), how to install ? Can I use the current in the new bearings ?

4. I need internally lubricate these bearings before installing them ? If yes, how?

With this information I will open the engine and begin to replace the parts, appearing more questions I will ask around here.

Sorry if I said something wrong , I'm from Brazil and I'm putting my English on test here.

Thank you!


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Sep 30, 2012
first, is that the two sealed bearings on the drive shaft never go bad unless they are hit by something - there is no reason to spend money replacing them

second, there is a lot of mechanical skill and experience involved in changing crank bearings, plus the expense of the new bearings and gaskets - if it is a new motor, I'd suggest leaving it as is (the bearings most likely to fail are the rod bearings that are much too hard to replace by someone without special equipment0

These reasons are why you did not find much info here - very few people change them.