This bike and kit to build with?


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May 25, 2016
Seekonk, Ma
Hey guys,
I'm currently looking at this bike:

and this kit came recommended by a MB builder in AZ:

I've been wrenching for years, and saw a MB long ago and always thought "hey they would be a cool thing I can hurt myself with" lol
Just kiddin'... Always wanted to build one so, now that I'm retired, 55 and too much time on my hands. Here goes..

I'm pretty much sold on the kit, but as far as the bike, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My thinking as far as to which bike to go with was something with at least a front suspension, to lessen shock. This bike does have a grip shifter, so any input on how to get around that would be helpful too. Thanks


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May 1, 2011
I think that's a aluminum frame so if you motorized it keep an eye open for stress cracks. That being said I still have the first bike I built over 5 years ago which is a o.p. cruiser which is also aluminum. My bike has always had a 48cc engine except when testing 66 CC engines. The differences between vibration on the two is a concern, with the only 66 CC I tried on mine the vibration was to me excessive. With the 48cc I have little to none at cruising speed, which for me is 25-26 mph. Mounting the engine solid helps, be sure to also mount the exhaust solid too. If your engine kit come with several mounting straps of different thicknesses use the thickest you can, I found this to reduce vibration also. The strap goes on the back side of the seat post and is critical to a solid mount.
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