third times a charm?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SeattleRider, Sep 23, 2009.

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    My first post keeps getting shorter each time I write this. First I added on the "Spell Checker" add on and that deleted my post before I could "post it" then I hit "delete" instead of enter on my keyboard and that did that post in. Ok so here we go again....for the THIRD TIME!!!

    I've been interested in MB for some time and would really like to build one over this winter or longer. I looked into a build last winter but could come up with the cash to do things like I wanted so I gave up. I still don't have much cash but I happened upon someone selling a reproduction Harley Davidson Track Board Bike. It's mostly complete with paint job and all however, it needs a motor. That is perfect for me because I still can work on the bike but wont' have to do some of the mechanical things I can't do due (paint job, pending frames, etc) to lack of tools and money. Anyway, I have some questions about the cost of this bike frame that I want to buy and wanted to leave it to the pros (you guys) to help me before taking the plunge. So rather than going on any further I'm going to try and post the info about this Harley Davidson Track Board bike I'm looking at on the "Track Board Bikes" area and see what everyone has to say. See you there...

    Cheers from Seattle!
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    Welcome SeattleRider, glad you joined us.

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