Thieves all around us


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May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
I don't dwell on bad things when I can avoid it, but our bikes that we love so much are a prime target for the scum that is to lazy to earn anything! You could park a motorized bike right next to a 4500.00 Trek and 9 out of 10 they will go for the motorized bike. Why? These creeps arn't that bright to start.
Park your bike in the house if you can. Got a garage? use it and shut the door! Lock it to a gas meter, lamp post,ect. Take time to meet a security guard @ shopping malls, grocery stores hardware stores. They take pride you thinking they are important enough to ask them to help you guard one of your most valued posessions! My downstairs neighbor HAD a brand new bike and I warned him to get a GOOD lock to replace the dollar store lock & chain he was using. Nope, gone this morning :( Even tho I live upstairs my bike is inside when I am not on it, Period! Yea it takes effort but I know where it is. Put a padlock through your front sprocket in ADDITION to the other lock you use. Abus and other companys make locks you can't pick or cut with less than a torch. So it's up to us. Ride or WALK. I'm lookin' at my bike right now :)


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
my bikes lately are so ugly nobody but me wants them lol. I lock the china bike faithfully, but the friction bikes I really haven't bothered yet. I probably will have to do that to.


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
i live in a gated condo comunity and they jumped the fence and stole the motorized bicycle right off my porch. i felt secure and didnt lock it so my fault. it takes just a few minutes to lock them up and at least that way you may hear someone messing with it. my new ride i am going to keep in a locked storage area in the condo complex pluss a pad lock on it and also this alarm from jc whitney Link.....HANDLEBAR-MOUNT MOTORCYCLE ALARM : JC Whitney: Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
Battery powered
Arm & disarm with 2-numbered security code
No wires
weighs less then 3oz
Sounds when bike is touched and will not stop until motion stops
. might be a little over kill but it really is depressing to get up to go for a ride and your bike is not thier.


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I have great sympathy for anyone who loses a bike like that. It is one thing to hit a car or something else which is your own fault to cause the loss of a bike, it is quite another to have someone take it away.

Right after my cop days, I sold home and business burglar alarms. Mostly those things are to make the buyer feel better and to scare off kids and hobby thieves. The sign in the yard is the biggest deterrent.

A really serious professional thief just goes where the pickings are easiest, unless you own something of extraordinary value. Make it more difficult than the value of the goods to be stolen and he will just move somewhere easier. That is the basic principle of property security unless you are a coin or art collector type.

In most cases when out and about a good chain and padlock on a bike parked in a public place would probably fit the bill. That said, a motorized bike is not most cases nor is a thousand dollar road bike. If the thief is a real bike person he will take the risk and bring a bolt cutter I expect. The motorized bike is such an oddity it would be a priority theft I expect.

The idea of a lock is to make the guy look suspicious while he makes off with your bike. Thieves in general do not want to be noticed. My ugly ducklings most likely would not attract the kind of attention necessary for a bolt cutter or pickup truck driving thief. Yours most likely would.

Good ole boy Eddie with a pickup might take a fancy to your purdy bike, but not look twice at one he can build for twenty bucks. So yes take care of your bike but realize there is no guarantee. Gypsies, tramps and thieves will always be gypsies, tramps and thieves.

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Mar 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA.
I don't carry a lock with me, but I never let the bikes out of my sight.
If I go into a store, I'll leave the clutch engaged, gas shut off & the choke on! This way they can't just hop on it and ride away!

When I ride to work, I have a lock on the jobsite.
When I know I'm going out drinking or something, I take a U lock with me.

Jemma Hawtrey

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Dec 29, 2007
Essex, UK
Mine doesnt go out of the house when I am drinking.

It is ALWAYS locked when I am not on it.

The last one got stolen by someone I know, but I made sure that all the people that we know mutually and all the community round here know what shes like.. neither her or her mates have shown her face since.

Its not really that much of a problem with this one - since its the only Schwinn in the town and the only MB - anyone riding it would be instantly noticable.