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    Hey all,

    Thanks everyone for a great 2009!

    2010 is looking to be a great year w/ much going on!

    Also, we would like to thank some companies who we've noticed going "above and beyond" to help customers and competitors alike!

    Sick Bike Parts
    SpookyTooth Cycles
    Creative Engineering
    Acme Labs
    Venice Motor Bikes

    These companies supply some of the finest parts and service available and continue to give back to the community! I recommend them highly!

    There are more, many more I'm sure!

    Feel free to add your recommendations or second mine or whatever! Just thought it would be nice to mention some of the folks who really look beyond their next sale to their future and to the future of the whole motorbicycling community. Which truly is our future.

    Good lookin' out; here's to you! Thanks again, Evan FBC

    "Do Good Things!"

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    Big time, Great list! I would like to add Dax and Terry
    Your right, there are other good folks who may have been missed but some one will post em.

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