Taking off the baffle????????



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Mar 14, 2008
Does taking off the baffle really make a bike go faster???
I heard this works from many people and was wondering if taking it off will cause any damage to the engine, and will it make the engine extremely loud (unbearably loud) ?? Where is the baffle located on the muffler. Is it the end piece that screws on??

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Dec 23, 2007
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i cut mine down and all it did was make the engine a lot louder and i didn't notice any change in performance. i would not completely take the baffle out but drill a few holes in it see what you think. the baffle is located inside the muffler looking part of your exhaust. should be just a couple screws holding it in. unscrew them and the inside should pull out. the baffle you will see is just a small pipe with holes drilled in it

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Mar 20, 2008
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I actually found that taking the baffle completely out, did give it more power!
It made it real loud; No tickets yet, (knock on wood)
Try it... take the bike for a little ride, then take out the baffle & ride it some more & compare.
Yes... it's that screw(s) on the end of the pipe, slide the baffle STRAIGHT OUT!
don't twist it out!
Tell us if you notice a difference?
Another thing you can do is drill a few 1/2 inch holes around the baffle screw to relieve the exaust pressure. (less noise)
I think "thatsdax" sells larger inside diameter mufflers too.
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Jan 8, 2008
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Make sure you recognize and make any carb adjustments once you remove the baffle.

Removing the baffle from a too-rich engine will increase power quite a bit.

Removing the baffle from a too-lean engine will possibly melt a hole in the piston or otherwise damage it.