Summer time...time to stop mourning...

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    .flg. So i built my first bike last fall, just as it was cooling off. I had to bundle up and even wear a ski mask to ride her, boy but it was cold. One day I decided to park her at my mom's place (mostly cuz she has a larger area to do work on it and i needed to do some maintanance. Well, long story short, she lives in a gated community with a fenced in balcony, so i din't think about locking it up. When i came over to work on it, it had been STOLEN!!! I didn't replace it because i figured it was too cold to ride anyway, but now the weather has been hot, and it's very nice outside. I have been craving another ride for a while, so i broke down on saturday, got online, and ordered me another motor. Time to rebuild. I will let y'all know how things go. usflg
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    THAT SUCKS!!! But at least you can build a nicer one this time! (^)

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