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    Please help! I confirmed that I have strong spark, fuel flowing through the carb, and good compression. My problem is it appears to be intaking through the exhaust port and vice versa. It used to spit out a black fuel/oil mix out the exhaust and now its clean white compressed air. Also have fuel coming out of the magneto.......... what is up
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    Fuel coming out near the magneto means that the seal is bad.

    If your main problem is that the engine won't start?, you should check to see if the main jet in the carb is clogged. (just because fuel is making it into the carb, doesn't mean that it's getting all the way through it & mixing with the air going into the engine).
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    kind of sounds like so much fuel got into motor that it blew out the crank seal - usually in that case the seal can be put back in & all will be OK once the extra fuel is blown out of the motor (don't forget to check seal on other side too)

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