Stopping a reverse mounted gas tank from leaking??

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    I know countless people have had this problem and before i try to put my gas tank on my rear rack back words and have it leak everywhere i figured I'd try to figure out a solution to the problem.

    I know if you seal it up better between the neck and the cap it'll create a vacuum. If i sealed that up though and drilled holes in the cap for it to vent would that help at all? I wouldn't need to fill it to the top. I've looked for other gas tanks to mount to the back but i can't seem to find anything that'l work great.

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    I never mounted on on the back and i never had one to really lead unless I turned the bike on its side then it leaked like a sieve. Sorry
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    dont fill it all the way up and it wont leak,only put like a liter(32ozes) in there or so.
    and they do make a gas tank designed for the rear rack but i forget who sells them.

    and how did it leak,it only can leak out the bottom if not sealed right or the top and only if you filled it over half full.

    i had mine on rear rack,make sure your tank petcock is higher than carb or you wont get full speed out of your engine(10mph lost).
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