Starting First Install


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Dec 15, 2008
Prescott, Arizona
Got the Grubee GT-4.
How to determine if rear sprocket needs to be "dish in" or "dish out" or is it trial and error? Instructions say "dish in". Searching build pics show both ways. I've been test mounting engine and eyeballing and measuring.
Also, as the sprocket might need further adjustment to center, etc., Loctite or no?
Front tube is a little to big so will try the Dax front engine mount method to get rolling. I did figure out that I could use two of the clamps that came with the kit for the front mount; one on each side of frame would work.
Install is on an old, now restored, 26" Diamondback Sorrento. Will be a commuter. For the money I put into the Diamondback I could've almost bought a Point Beach. Next build?
This forum has been a goldmine of info.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now

Dished in is the usual way, if not, obviously dished out. Make sure the chain lines up, more important that whether the tire rubs the chain very slightly. If that is the case, go to a smaller tire. 2.125's sometimes rub a little.

As for the loctite, once everything is good to go, just back the nuts off one at a time a little, and get some in there.