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    Well, it all started as a little boy. I saw a ad in a sears catalog for a motor to add to a bicycle. (I think I was 10) I proceed to ask my Dad if I saved my money if he would let me buy it. Upon asking my Dad, he proceeded to tell me all about the "whizzers" when he was a boy. That far off look in his eye when he would talk about them...... I was hooked. I never got the sears motor, but I never stopped my interest. My Dad was/is a motorcyclist. He took me to motorcycle events and showed me a whizzer. It was the coolest thing. ......imagine.....riding a bike.... and not having to peddle.

    Fast forward, I'm 40, with two boys that are now 12 and 14. It's my turn to tell them stories of the motorized bicycles. I did a "google" of whizzer to show them pictures and found the modern day HT. Well, that was it, I was hooked. I still have my Schwinn beach cruiser from when I was 12. Ordered a HT and installed it on my cruiser. After a hundred miles on a HT I realized I wanted to shift gears and bought a SBP jackshift. A couple hundred miles later, I wanted a four stroke engine. Titan engine with a scooterguy mount is my latest ride.

    I'm sure there is a couple more builds in my future. My sons are going to need rides in a couple years......
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    Welcome strotter, glad you joined us.

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