Schwinn 700


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Jun 6, 2011
My Schwinn 700 build.
Odometer: >500 miles
Top Speed: 32mph (~28:1 Synthetic 2-stroke, 44T rear sprocket)

I'm still running the stock carb but I have a dual boost bottle intake setup that really gives the ride a smooth feel. I've also noticed an improvement in the lower rpms, not much of any on the upper end. The smoothness of the engine is the only reason I've remained using them. I don't much care for the lagged throttle response but I have gotten used to it.

Any suggestions for increasing my rate of travel limit would be very appreciated! I have read about a 100:1 mixture on this forum once before that I may look into purchasing.

Still much work to be done but here we are so far:

Here's a couple Inventor assemblies of how I have my motor mounted. The frame is approx a 70 degree V so the mounts will never sit flush without modifications. I have the rear mount completely flush and solid (not shown) and the front sits on a bracket that I have U-clamped to the frame at about a 10 degree angle offset. I personally still hate this setup but it's been working out pretty well so far. I have re-torqued the mounts on two occasions. I like to keep them at 50in-lbs. The motor continues to look, feel and ride solid after over 4 months of near daily use.