saddle bags


Nov 8, 2008
Midcoast Maine
Thought I,d show you my saddle bags, found them on ebay for $39.00 at that time.

Some modification is need. The lights are nothing more than dash lights.
The lids would not stay closed, until I figured out how to shim them.

You will need a rear rack, I had a rear rack for a Schwin and it worked great.

Bottom line, they say they are for motorcycles, I wouldn,t put them on any motorcycle, thry were too small and too cheaply made for that, but with modification they were just right for my motor bike.


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I too would like to see how you mounted these Considering I have almost the same type and after 4 months and no wielder still have not figured out How I am going to mount these. And I have a Will Kidd Lighting system and the battery would be housed in one of these saddlebags and the other bag would house the Motorcycle alarm system.


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Where thee locks are, Are the back of the saddle bags. I have the original stock steel motorcycle mounting straps. But I'm listening? I need ideas as soon as possible. This project is 9 months in the workings I would love to ride it after all this. No I haven't even ridden it yet. The saddle bags are the last item. It's what makes it legal on the streets.


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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
Ride it first! You can ride it in CA anytime you want. There's no law about saddlebags. 9 months??!!! Just ride it already geez! My bikes been a rider ever since it ran, and everything else was added as time went on. I'm bracing the rear end now and putting fenders on and hopefully a rear rack for bicycle saddlebags and 2nd fuel tank! But to ride it all I gotta do is put the rear wheel back on!
The saddle bags will hold Will Kidd's Battery for my lights, Would be kinda stupid to go run around town with a lighting system if the lights didn't work because I had no place to put the battery. I have a rear rack, And I have custom made brackets holding it in place. Instead of Dragging a cart behind me I wanted to put on saddle bags.
No my Problem all along has been the fact that this is Jack shafted and the rear tire needs to be off the ground in order to start the motor, And all this time I've been dealing with Center stands that fail. I went thru 5 center stands in 2 months. Because my bike weight #90 and my weight #240 combined was too much for the kick stand. I had to find something Strong to begin with. After All this I just hope this Aluminum bike can stand up to this.