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  • A new season is upon us. Hows your riding? Hows your bike holding up? I had surgery in Jan (torn rotator cuff in shoulder) healing excellent. Could ride now daily but my ride starts before sunrise and potholes seem to be developing everywhere overnight. April showers bring May flowers or so they say- I am looking for somthing to build soon. Catch ya later HEY post some pics. You gotta have a little candy here.
    Slowly collecting parts for another build to start in the new year. Not riding much due to cold weather which aggrivates my shoulder pain. Get this --- I ordered a bunch of smalls from Duane in Colorado on Saturday and all arrived today the following Monday. Isn't that amazing? Any way- Im psyching myself for rotator cuff surgery happening soon. Will not start anything til I'm healed proper.
    I wish you and yours the best and have a happy loving holiday season with your family.
    Just thought I'ld stop in for a visit. Are you still riding regular? My main transport broke a rear mount stud. I been riding Goldie to and fro work since Tuesday. I'll have my red one for tomorrow. Wife and I just moved into our new hse so my building has been on hiatus since Sept. I'm almost done the honeydo list and I've been good. Maybe I get a new a new kit from Santa this year.
    Hi Allen, Just got my new lower end and top end from Dax, had to paint the exhaust tonite, so I can start it tom. Hope it's all it"s cracked up to be. A friend of mine came down the other day and we rode one of my favorite roads, good ride! I do have a GX 160 on a stretched bike that will do over 50, but as you say. just take it easy and don't be stupid.

    They haven't stopped me in all my years of riding these, of course there is only 1 other around here, and I think he went to school or work somewhere, as I havene't seen him lately.

    Lets see, there is one in Camden, one in Hope, and of course my three here. Riding the back roads as much as I can, and avoiding the cops as much as I can, plus being 70 they really don't care.

    Our town does not have a store, gas station or cable, we do have a Post Office though. Gotta love small towns.

    Yup, I get it, be responsible and if possible be descrete. All my bikes have not had any probs with law. All have plastic 49 stickers on th motorcases. (The law reads 49cc, not over 20 mph.) I got 2 sons a good friend and a sister that ride daily - Bangor, Brewer, Orono, Old Town. Not a single law confrontation in 3 years Well only one. The fella on it was out blasting around Bangor neighborhoods @ 2:00am and was just plain asking for trouble. Bangor PD descended upon him - 3 cars so I'm told. they called a wrecker--yeah a wrecker and impounded his bike. Now this guy had an OUI charge to begin with. He should have known better. So this happened in April 2013. I was concerned for us that are responsible and use our bkes for transport to and from work. So far all is right and well in my MAB world. Again - I agree when we're in a car doing 40, 50 mph we miss so much.
    Thanks so much for your take on things/I see it the same as you.
    Curious if you have registered your daily rider? I have had zero issues with Bangor/State P.D. The laws here in ME are vauge.
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