Ride to the Democratic Convention



Feb 22, 2008
Hello everyone. Well.. Last week I rode my Bike downtown to the Democratic convention. It was interesting to say the least. Even though there were a lot of attention getting booths and people, I too got some attention on my bike. I must say this.. Over the past several years, I have passed by over 400 cops, and never had a problem. When I went to the convention, I was overwhelmed by police that numbered 2000 or more. So..In the span of less than 1 hour, I passed by and was surrounded by more than 2000 police, and again.. No one bothered me at all. I must say, it was a circus and I was getting the creeps by the whole thing, so.. I cleared out and took the bike path along the creek and river all the way home. All in all, I put on over 40 miles that day and My Titan did not miss a beat !! I really do love my Titan. Sorry for the no pictures. I will have to take some next time. Enjoy the ride.....