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    Received my 7 & 9 LED head lights yesterday. Immediately charged the batteries which took about 12 hours. No problems were found checking all modes. Now for the bad part. When I checked the current in the off mode the 7 LED light has 2.3ma drain and the 9 LED had 22ma current drain. Both of these would cause complete battery discharge over time, the 22ma drain would take about 1 month and the 2.3ma drain much longer. This complete discharge would damage or render the batteries useless as they would not recharge. To remedy this unplug your battery when not in use. L-ION BATTERIES SHOULD NEVER BE DISCHARGED BELOW 2.5 VOLTS!!!!! This means that if your 8.4 battery pack goes below 5 volts you are damaging it and at some point it will be rendered useless. If you notice your light dimmer, recharge the batteries quickly. Quality L-ION batteries will recharge 500-800 times before losing their capacity and usually require recharging every 6 months to a year for maintenance when not in use.
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    Good to know. Kletus is on it. I have to remember this stuff for my drill and saber-saw. Thanks for the reminder man.

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