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    Howdy- rumors of my death are slightly exaggerated- I am currently unemployed, so it seems I have spare time- but no money. Of the 7 Cranbrook builds to my credit, three have running motors. All of the fenders have been modified or removed, and only the 'Panama Jack' had a structural failure- it broke where the back frame welds on. all the other frames, wheels and such are still very rideable. As a result, I conclude that the Chinese 2 strokes were fun, but flimsy, finicky, foul, filthy little flipwads. I am sving my pennies for a 4stroke set-up that I will plant on a 29" Millennial Huffy. While I am at it, I am working on a left and right set of straddle tanks for this beast- hopefully 1.5 to 2 gallons total capacity. If this is successful, I will pattern and braze the same for the 26" Crannys and one by one bring them up to snuff. Meanwhile, I've still been experimenting with lighting systems and have come up with a design that is not affected my motor 'noise'- head & tail, brake & turn. Progress will be slow, but I will keep y'all posted-

    the Old Sgt.usflg
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    Hey, man!

    We're glad you're not dead. That unemployment thing is a bummer. But we'll hope that something works out soon.

    The bike plans sound like fun. Keep us posted.

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