Question about a 66cc motor/bike.

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    I recently purchased a used bicycle. They did not have the owners manual, or any information for me really. The serial/model number is 66rz 0054. There was a sticker on the motor and it has some more information if you would like me to post that as well.

    I am curious to know what the proper fuel mixture is?

    Also if anyone knows if there is an owners manual available somewhere online or for purchase?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help :)

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    If the engine that is on your bike is the Chinese made 66cc engine that we call HT's or China girls around here, I'd say go with a quality 2 stroke oil of your choice and then mix it at 32:1 and then after a good run for 2-3 city blocks let the engine cool down and check the spark plug color and make sure it is medium brown in color and not very light brownish gray or white, if the plug is a nice med. brown color and the engine runs good this way I'd say, do it this way and ride safe and have fun.

    And most importantly...... do lots of searching here on this forum, you can find the answer to just about anything you can imagine on this great place to be.

    Peace, map


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