qmatic with shift kit idea

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    i was thinking if i rotate the bearing support on the clutch side of the qmatic 90 degrees or so and bolt in place. i could get the chain to line up with sbp shift kit
    i would have to change the standard gear ratios and possibly change the mounting location. any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. oh ya il be using a huasheng engine on a large 29'' hybrid bike
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    It's been done before by the member "flex man". He didn't keep it for long, ended up selling it last I heard.

    To make it work it's best, you need to modify the clutch for earlier engagement, otherwise it's just going to slip on higher gears.

    It's also going to be down on power because of the extra drivetrain complexity. In the end, a Q-matic is probably better as it is.
    It doesn't need a shift kit, just the proper overall ratio.

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