1. Noped

    schwinn riverside four stroke ez update

    Hey fellas; its been two years since my last update. heres my specs: schwinn riverside cruiser from kmark, ezm tran., honda gxh50 with huasheng carb., Jim's 52t sprocket. all in all i have been thrilled to ride what has only been 2500 miles or so. I wrecked it recently and am in process of...
  2. shwnrttr

    qmatic with shift kit idea

    i was thinking if i rotate the bearing support on the clutch side of the qmatic 90 degrees or so and bolt in place. i could get the chain to line up with sbp shift kit i would have to change the standard gear ratios and possibly change the mounting location. any thoughts or ideas would be...
  3. D

    Used Qmatic Wanted

    My stock wet chain transmission is slowly coming apart in its teardrop casing of death. I need me some real American made quality! .flg. Anyone looking to get rid of their used Qmatic? Condition doesn't matter to me as long as its functional. All the hardware the transmission comes with would be...
  4. D

    Qmatic & HS Top Speed?

    I'm looking into purchasing the Qmatic and am wondering what kind of setup will give me the highest top speed. My stock HS will get me up around 32-33 with a little shove to get going. Not great bottom end but I never have to peddle. I'm basically looking for the same thing from the Qmatic. A...
  5. D

    NEW EZM Motors Silent Drive 4 Stroke Engine & gearbox kit

    You cannot beat this amazing price for this new kit plus over $100 in extra parts (things like in-frame tank, wide cranks, etc.) EZM Motors Silent Drive 4 Stroke Engine & gearbox kit - eBay (item 160518574224 end time Dec-19-10 10:10:07 PST) VERY low starting price of $489 plus shipping...