Predator 212 vertical mount.


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Jun 14, 2017
So I got a felt canvas frame that I plan to put the 212cc in but the only way it will fit is in a somewhat vertical mount however I will need a new intake mainfold to put the carb float in the correct spot. Now I was reading a older thread about this and someone mentioned a mainfold that AGK sold to put the carberater in the correct spot and a 22mm carb but I cant seem to find the mainfold on AGK. Does anyone know where I could possibly find one or where I can get one fabricated?


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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
I can sell you mine, cause I just made a new one for myself for a different carburetor (and it took me 8hrs for just a manifold). $140 for the complete intake:

What you get:
Intake manifold (custom)
Bellcrank and pushrod setup on manifold (custom)
Throttle cable housing stop part, bolts to valve cover (custom)
Faulty carburetor for parts
.039" jet ($4)
Velocity stack ($25)
Large air filter($19)
Choke lever top bracket (not shown) ($5)

Reassemble with your carb and put the .039" jet in. Looks a lot better than a hose clamped jury rigged setup IMO.


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