Phase 2 of new motorbike

old motorbike

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Sep 21, 2008
I just finished installing a new shifter kit and doing a number of changes and tweaks, but this is subject to more improvements.
First I moved my rear mounted basket to the front. I lowered the bars and seat. The seat is a new Schwinn without the center protrusion.
Next was a cheap fog light and tail light. I used a small motor scooter battery to power them. I mounted a switch under the left bar and use a battery tender to to keep the battery charged.
Then, Installed the SBP shift kit. Super improvement.
Changed my choke cable to my left-over front de-railer control and cable. I used a piece of copper tube with a smaller tube soldered in bottom for a cable housing stop, curved to meet carb. Now I can start and choke without reaching down.
Added some cheap plastic fenders to hold back some of the water.

I road tested it some yesterday in between rain storms and all worked well. Now I feel more safe taking it home after dark, if it ever stops raining.


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