Panama jack rear hub failure :(


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Aug 6, 2017
so, total noob here....not familiar with coaster brake hubs. My mb has one day of riding and the rear wheel had a wobble, proceeded to remove wheel and attempted to re-grease and tighten bearings. Off the bike it seemed like a success, once remounted and within 50 yards it self destructed. Bearing cages are bent and bearings scattered. what are my options? Rebuild? New, better quality wheel(I like this idea)? I really don't have any bike shops nearby, closest is probably 75miles so taking the wheel to a shop is kinda a last resort if I have no easier options.


Nov 22, 2013
Victor, Colorado
Search for my Panama Jack build... type "Paragraphs" in the search bar; I'm within the top 5 results or, just filter my posts! I built my PJ over 5-years ago and it's still going strong after 6,000-miles. I also listed a very detailed parts list and reviews on those parts!

P.S. I'm fairly sure you installed the bearings upside-down, I used to do the same thing; all the time! No matter; the Huffy bearings and coaster-brake would've never lasted long anyway!