Paint or powder coat?

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    First off I am now to the forum. Hello everyone.

    I recently bought a GT2A frame. Too cold the frame in the garage this time of the year in Illinois. So I am going to have to send it out to be painted or powder coated.

    I don't have any experience with powder coating. Can they get the same gloss as paint ? Anyone who have had their frame coated willing to share what it cost to have it done and if they where happy with the results?

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    what I like about it is its tough and I dont hafta do it.....Ive seen some stunning paint jobs though......certain looks you just cant bake Id say everyday bike thats gonna get worked.......powder.......wanna look at it and smile...paint
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    Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your project.

    I always offer this advice. Check the work of the powder coating place you plan to use. Some of them do mainly industrial/commercial coating, like lawn furniture and fencing. They aren't as particualr about the finish as a place that does automotive/motorcycle work. Some of the better ones who focus on custom car/bike builders do amazing work that equals a good paint job. Those who do commercial coatings might not take the time and effort to satisfy what it is I think you're looking for.

    That said, a good powder coat job will looks as good as paint but it will be much more durable. A word of caution. Make sure they mask off areas such as bottom bracket bearing races and the steering head and any threaded areas. Once powder coated it is difficult to remove from areas that shouldn't have been coated.

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    Powdercoat is very durable, but like 2door said, you will need to mask the threaded openings or chase them with a taps following powdercoating. Tough to find a tap big enough to chase the BB threads.
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    Once power coat chipped it starts peeling, will not stop! And can't be touched up. Yes it's very durable if you don't take it outside or use what you put it on.

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