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    Jan 8, 2008
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    If you go to just about any furniture store, you can ask (or dumpster dive) for the padded "bags" that sofas and love seats come shipped in.

    I work at one, so they are easy for me to get, and I use them for everything from my bikes to my big bike to my lawn tractor.

    The kind you want is the heavy plastic with a closed cell foam liner.

    If it's outdoors, (I keep my stuff in the "barn" and it keeps the bird s**t off of them) use some old chain (swingset chain or heavier) and fold up and tape the chain into the bottom edge of the bag. If using indoors as a dust cover, omit the chain.
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    Great idea!!! I would tell eveyone to keep their bikes covered, or inside at night.
    I keep all my bikes in our garage.
    If you look at the pics of my Bomber bike, the wheels & fork were brand new just a couple of years ago!
    Todays cheap chrome rusts very easy! (The original Schwinn chrome is holding up very well!) :ride2:

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