One Titan for sale.


Feb 22, 2008
I have one Titan Kit for Sale. 395usd and 29usd shipping. I only have one. I will have more Titans for Sale by 15NOV08. Also.. If you go to Ebay, You will find I have a complete GIANT SEDONA CS with A Brand new Titan Mounted and this one is up for Bidding. Here is the link

GIANT WITH TITAN XC50 MOUNTAIN BIKE COMFORT BIKE NEW!! - eBay (item 230304978930 end time Nov-11-08 14:42:59 PST). Wow.. That is a long one. Not sure if that link will work. If not. Go to ebay and Type in " GIANT WITH TITAN " and it should pop up. I have the bidding starting at 9usd with 89usd for boxing and shipping. I hope that posting this link to ebay is ok with everyone. But if you do not mind bidding, you can get a killer deal on a Brand new Titan Setup. This GIANT with Titan is sweet. I have around 10 miles on that engine. Handling is great. IT is one smooth fast ride for sure ! Also.. I re checked mileage. I get around 150-160 mpg city. On my 2 stroke I get around 110mpg. Thanks.. Also..On my web site I have 2 short video clips of this GIANT with TITAN setep so you can hear and see it run !! Enjoy the ride...