Oldtimer newbe from Pa



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Nov 10, 2008
Erie Pa
I live in Western Pa, 68 yrs old and recently got a 26" beach Cruiser with a 33CC chain drive motor. I have wanted a motorbike since age 10 and got this one new on eBay for 300.00. It,s a little slow on take off but runs great when the rpm,s build up. Was great until I dumped it on loose gravel and broke my ankle, didn't hurt the bike but sure damaged this old body. I cracked the outer shell of my helmut. banged up a rib and acquired a nice patch of road rash, looking forward to when I can ride it again. As a winter project I am planning on motorizing a Schwinn meridan tricycle and using a Titan XC50 engine for power. I would prefer rear wheel drive but front wheel may be the easiest way to go.
Looking foeward to enjoying this forum,