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    Hello, I'm token. Completely new and oblivious to motorized bicycles, but have soaked up a lot of info before posting so hopefully I won't be too n00bish.

    I discovered motorized bicycles today when I was trying to find different things to do with my bike. It's a 22 inch yellow 21 speed mongoose (33 inch standing clearance), pretty standard. I started googling ideas I could do with a box on the handlebars to mount my n800 tablet, then that turned into modifying a headlight into the box, which turned into adding a battery, which turned into a generator charging that battery, which turned into low powered electric assisted motors, which lead me to discover gas powered bikes. I love the potential this has, and am working on getting a kit, but I'm very poor and need to either find a good deal or start saving to buy one if I can't justify borrowing monies from a friend. Either way, I'm getting a kit.. It's just a matter of when, but I must have one :)

    Anyways, figured I'd stop in and introduce myself since I'll be soaking up the collective knowledge all of you are providing, and once I become a bit more accustomed to things, may contribute back my own findings to add to the collective.

    In short, hello!
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    Welcome to the forum. It all starts with a little curiosity.

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