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Whistle Tip

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Feb 20, 2012
Orange County, CA
Well howdy I am whistle tip. My standards for my motorized bikes is similar of that ted nugents standards of life choices... I aspire to invest very little in my bikes and make them as simply as possible to have the most time to ride them. I have been quite frequent to mortorbicycling.com for about a month and decided to conjoin my updates on my own projects on these forums starting with my first non-kit bike "the sledgehammer". I have bought a weed wacker engine and am going to develop a primitive friction drive to power it. I find the practical use of a mortor bike is my motive for creating one.
Eventually i would like to get an 80 cc 2 stroke kit to make a bike that i would ride to school. With the excessive prices of gas recently it is only fair to see the benifits in having a vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon. But of course you can generally only get a kit for 180$ plus, so being a poor mo fo i will stick with my weed wacker bike!

I would appreciate any support in my threads, and please follow my thread "Sledgehammer Project" on the non-kit threads

Inspired by the film napoleon dynamite, "the sledgehammer" is pedro's most excellant bike. Its spectacular nature is much more than our bike could ever be but none the less we will try to do that medieval warrior haired entrepreneur justice...

LR Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
Rockwood, TN
Here are my guidelines for building:

1) Predominant riding terrain.
2) Primary rider's physique.
3) Lookup and read local legal requirements.
4) Type of bike.
5) Budget.

Stay within these guidelines and you'll have a bike you can enjoy riding. Good luck with your build.