weed wacker

  1. O

    How would I connect a clutch to my engine?

    I am very new to this hobby, and I need a little help getting started. I am trying to us a weed wacker engine to power my bike. I want it to be chain driven. So I would need to some how attach a sprocket and clutch to my engines output shaft. The only problem is that I can not find a clutch...
  2. A

    WeedWacker Friction drive help?

    Hey there guys, i recently got interested in friction driven bikes from youtube, watching bunch of cool videos. Eventually leaning and reading more on forums such as this one. So i decided to buy a weedwacker from ebay for cheap. I finally won a bid on a ryobi 26cc 28120. Got it mounted and...
  3. Whistle Tip

    Oh Hi Whistle Tip!

    Well howdy I am whistle tip. My standards for my motorized bikes is similar of that ted nugents standards of life choices... I aspire to invest very little in my bikes and make them as simply as possible to have the most time to ride them. I have been quite frequent to mortorbicycling.com for...
  4. bishop letov

    26CC Homelite dual suspension whipper

    This is my first post in regard to my DIY mating of a homelite wacker and a fully suspended xr-200 mongoose. Ive been reading through all of the posts with chainsaw and wacker friction drives and thought that this would be otimal for me. The whole project has cost me next to nothing except...