Occ schwinn stinray turned triumph!



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Apr 30, 2017
Hey All I've been working on this bike quite a while and have recently considered giving up altogether but considering the time and weight requirements needed in my case in particular I'm leaning towards dropping the extra 500 to 1000grrrs just to register and tittle the bike as a Motorcycle not a moped, scooter, or anything else considering i want as much CC combustion as i can squeeze in-between this babies sweet sweet steel legs.
so naturally any motorcycle mechanics and custom bike builders !!!OCC!!!! ahem ahem cough cough excuse me. . yea u get my drift, your help would be greatly appreshiated aswell as all opinions on safety concerns as I'm not looking to fight my local DMV but rather meet all concerns and do what i like doing best building and learning mechanics... which i would never do proffesionally no offense but its something i think you really need to get behind or else its just a dirty monotonous way to spend 8hrs a day.... ty in advance for any advice given helpful or not, although please consider PMing me about topics other than registration and titling.
one concern i have is what kind of proof would be needed as far a frame construction and how detailed this documentation of the process?
since i haven't come across this information previously (clearly and concise enough) i hope to set the standard and hopefully help others in the same pursuit or perhaps link this to a similar thread (that would be even better).



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Aug 2, 2010
Holy ****, where did you get that fork?
Fork is a a K10 sold by BMI for 7/8 bar or 3/4”.Scotto was one of first to ream out(lol) 3/4” bar clamp to except 1” At the time there were no 7/8” bars. They uses to be $99 shipped! Not sure now. Couple I did years ago