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    usflgHello everyone from Sunny Florida, My son and I are new to the motorized bike world. We built him a OCC chopper Spiderman edition bike that he has had for about 4 years. We put a 80cc Flying Horse on it. We built are own motor mounts and added extra chain rollers to keep it off the frame. chrome fuel tank, chain guard and exhaust. We took it to a car show this past Saturday and turned alot of heads.We started his bike the 2nd week of Jan.2010 and finished it the 1st part March. Since then I purchased a used 26" bike from a co-worker and put a Flying Horse on it, my son and I now ride together a lot. Thanks and we have enjoy the Forum. BigW-RDusflg
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    Welcome to the forum BigW-RD

    Glad you and your son of found something you both can enjoy together.

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