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Aug 12, 2008
Howdy all.

I picked up a cheap 350W/36V chinese scooter with a bad controller. Since it didn't work and was kind of smashed up, I took it apart with the intent of using it for a bike. The batteries are good and the motor is good, I can hook them up directly and the motor runs full speed. I would like to have an on off switch and a throttle to control the speed.

So here are my questions...

1. Do I need a controller or can I wire a throttle and on/off switch between the batteries and the switch/throttle?

2. If I could wire the switch and throttle directly could someone show me a diagram how to do it? ( I was going to use the twist throttle and key switch off the scooter)

3. If I need to buy a controller, can someone suggest one that would give me the abililty to turn everything on and off and control the speed of the motor?

Thanks for any help/advice.


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Jun 23, 2008
Longmont, CO
If you want to actually have a throttle, chances are you'll need a controller. A household dimmer switch might work, but there's no guarantees there. A simple on/off switch would be fairly easy - most likely a normal household on/off light switch (make sure it's rated for minimum 10a) placed in the (-) side of things should work fine.


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
The household dimmer switch never worked for me. However the good news is the throttle is a waste of money as is the controller. I have built ebikes every possible way. I even have a complete throttle motor controller system laying on my work bench now.

It worked no better than using the on off switch like a jet pulse engine. Just turn the engine on till you have the speed you want then turn it off till it falls a bit then bump it back up to speed again. It is really quite simple to maintain the speed. I only bought the controller because I was told that it would help with battery consumption. It didn't do a thing. Yes I had a cute lil throttle but that just allowed the speed to be more constant it didn't do anything else. I actually prefered the on off switch method.

My controller throttle is for 350 watts but only 24 volts or I would work something out with you.

Wire your positive side of the battery to a 20amp house switch. (IF you divide your watt on the motor by the voltage of the battery,you will get min amps but trust me the bigger the amps on the switch the better.) Then from the other side of the house switch to the positive side of the motor. Then you run the neg side of the battery to the neg side of the motor. If the motor turns the wrong direction, just reverse the wires.

To use a throttle you need to use the controller. Your engine must have brushes if it will run off the battery direct so you are good to go. If you decide to buy a controller you will need one for a brush type motor.
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