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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by F_Rod81, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Hey troops, my name is Frank I'm 25y/o from Denver, CO and with tax season here I am about to begin my first motorized bike build. Growing up I always was concerned about having big boy toys; I've had a few dirt bikes both 2 & 4 stroke, an ex 450 quad, and a 02 R6. I never even thought about converting my bicycle into a motorbike. I wish I would have stumbled upon this about ten years ago. Now that those toys are gone and the my kids have taken over, I still need something to tinker with and get my adrenaline fix. I've done extensive research and lots of homework before even becoming a member of this forum.

    Having made my little intro, on with my project ideas.

    The roller is a 2009 Diamondback Response comp. Aluminum hard-tail frame, disc brakes, and all the goodies. I plan to add

    - Grubee Skyhawk 66/80cc angle fire non CNS (for tuning purposes)
    - rebuild the motor w/ SBP engine hardware, loctite and ect (before even installing)
    - And add basically every performance part that doesn't involve tare'n into the motor
    * SBP Jackshaft Kit
    - SBP expansion chamber
    - SBP low-pro air-filter
    - MM ported intake
    - SBP HP plug wire
    - SBP HD throttle assembly
    - NGK iridium spark plug
    - Jet it for altitude (5300 ft above sea level)

    I have been using this forum daily for almost two months now and just signed up the other day. THANKS to everyone on here I've found out everything big and small that needs to be done to make this project a successful one. I'm very mechanically inclined and am comfortable tuning and tweaking, my only concern is the shift kit. I have read a lot of opinions about this which brings me to my only question for now.

    Can the motor be broken in properly if the shift kit and motor are installed at the same time?
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    Re: Newbee to the MB forum

    Welcome to the forum Frank, glad you joined us.


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