New Zenoah G430


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May 4, 2019
Hands down best two stroke engine I ever owned. 66/80cc, chainsaws, weed eaters, etc. Best I've ever. Mine's been clocked at 40mph with radar riding into the wind. And I weigh 200. My next project is turn it around and center mount it on a four stroke mounting plate then get an expansion pipe. Carb's already been upgraded. Strong pull start. Easy to tune. Quiet for a two stroke. No clutch cable to fight with, or chinese carb flooding all the time. Or carb leaking all the time. Or piece of junk sprocket to bolt around the spokes that will break cause they're not designed to have a chain on them. Or a cheap gas tank bolts and brackets that break. Or every other dime store piece of junk parts, nuts, and bolts that suck which comes with those "66/80cc" motor kits. Starts up like a champ. And, Staton's not paying me to say this. I read up on these engines and thought I would take a chance. And yes I bought it from Staton. I know, I like the way the center mounts look with the motorcycle look and all, but I ride this thing all the time as compared to working on it most of the time. I have plans for center mounting it. I'm working out the details right now. Gonna put a goped expansion pipe on this thing too. I'm all for working on it with upgrades and what not but I get sick of working on stuff because it's made of poor design and pot metal. Anyone that wants to check it out, go to YouTube and search for "friction drive motorized bicycle by Bishop". It's not an iron sleeved, big bore, fred head, Frankenstein, Harvey Weinstein, 212cc, Flying Zeda horse, nitrous injected, topfuel, plasma sparkplug, with a circumforkemplater powered warp drive designed for the Star Ship Enterprise... But, it's a good quality, peppy little engine. Don't let the 41 only cc fool you. BTW, I never would have bought a friction drive until I saw Jasonolbrys riding one of these on YouTube. Check him out at jasonolbrys zenoah on a trek. He sells different builds. If you're in his area, he can probably set you up. Anyway, that's my two bits on Zenoahs. They rock. I'm surprised more people out there haven't checked these out yet.