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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jazzie366, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Hello all!
    I'm in NY, the good ol' Catskills.

    I absolutely LOVE these small 2 strokes. I built my first (and only) one about a year ago, haven't used it since then but I'm transferring it to a new frame and getting it a new carb and clutch plates, and it should be ready to rock.

    The thing is, I have nobody to ride with! I see all these events on YouTube and I wonder where they are? I've never seen advertising for these and most of the time all the terrain near me is all for ATVs, bleh.

    Where's a good place to ride these? Not looking for specific places, just wondering how to spot a good place. The cops are incredibly lax where I am, ATVs pull into the gas stations all the time and the troopers ignore them completely, considering they do the same themselves :p. There was a guy who built another after seeing mine, but after he rode it for awhile, it died and he never rebuilt it, just tossed it in the trash.

    Another thing is that I love modding engines, I supercharged a V-Twin lawnmower because I could. When I got this engine, I tuned it for hours trying to get the most uphill power out of it. I ended up being able to accelerate uphill very rapidly after using an E3 Spark Plug and soldering all the wires instead of the cheap press fit connectors that it had stock. Thus providing a better connection. Also the carburetors' stock screws are not threaded that well from the factory, they are very loose. I used some fuel line thread tape to fix that, and there was a major increase in performance after that.

    But that's just my experience with these machines! I am looking to get more into these little engines and hopefully modding them and getting more performance out of them. I was also hoping to make one street emissions legal so I could put an electrical system on another bike I have and register it for the road use. Is this even possible? If so, what would it take? These are all things I really would like to know, any info would be great! Thanks again!
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    Hello welcome to the forum jazzie

    Was a time I had others to ride with but after a while they all disappeared. Now the riders I meet only ride MB's for transportation.

    Good places to ride? I ride mine everywhere? I do like going trail riding, no people and no 20mph speed limit. I've always enjoyed the dirt over pavement, but thats just me.

    Was a time I would ride a lot at our local track, but track fee's changed and put a end to that.

    Normally I just go for a ride and let the wind take me wherever.

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