New Robin/Subaru eho35 in Montana


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Sep 18, 2008
Missoula, Montana
Hello all in forum. I recently sold a 80cc bike engine that was mounted to a nice schwinn heavi-duti. I bought it already built locally on craigslist. I enjoyed it a bit. I had a few incidents where there was some rubbing of the tire and the chain..minor..was advised to get a narrower tire. I sold it and was looking to buy a mode of transportation like an electric of those cheap toy like ones or a modified goped..after watching all the youtube videos and realizing that these souped up 2 stroke gopeds (toys) were freakin' loud..and no telling if I bought one on ebay used what the kid did with it and why he's selling I opted for a robin/subaru eho35 rear mount friction drive kit...I think I've made a good, no messing with premix and I can easily take this motor off..unlike the 80cc bike motor...i have lots of questions regarding which bike..a beach cruiser or MT bike for mounting..are they easy to mount, how to break them in..can you put aftermarket intake and exhausts on them? Anyone in Missoula, Montana have one of these?? hope to hear from you soon...thanks in advance for responses!


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us :)

I have no experience with that motor or even a rear mount set-up. But what I have heard is they are bullet proof.

As far as cruiser or MTB...Thats more of a personal choice. I have a cruiser and love it. It for me is so more comfortable to ride then a MTB.