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Jun 25, 2008
Chico, CA
Hi Guys, I joined last week and have found the info immensely helpful. I had help with the install, but am comfortable with much of this even though I am not a mechanic. I have about 35 miles so far and it seems like you fix/replace one thing and another breaks/leaks/strpis. I have replaced about 75% of the hardware and am getting new gaskets today and am awaiting the spring loaded tensioner that misteright1_99 recommended to me. The chain falling off has been my biggest obstacle (some people would probably kill for that issue). Once you get through the break in and replace/repair the crappy chinese hardware, do you finally get to a somewhat reliable ride? I guess my question is, how often do you have to repair stuff once you get things done correctly with the right parts? Reliability is big for me based on the round trip 20 mile commute I want to use this for. Do you get to a point where its just tighten and maintain or are these chinese kits something you will constantly be battling for reliability?

Thanks! Ill post some pics once I get the new tensioner on, hopefully this weekend!


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Welcome to the forum, glad you joined :D

Don't feel bad, most of us have had the problem's you are having. I'm only speaking of my experience...YES once you get the bug's out it get's much better.. I've got 5 years and over four thousand miles... I'd say the first 6 months I had alot of problem's..not as bad as some but just a few thing's.

I average around 20-35miles a day...have taken ride's that will be around 70-100miles..Did a crazy trip to Mexico at 140miles

The past few years, I've had to do nothing except maintanece, I even find myself taking it apart just so I can work on it..Thier becomes a point where you stop working on it all the time, and spend the time looking for way's to improve it..


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May 28, 2008
north bend wa.
hi jd; we bought a yugo. im doing the same. the tension can be replaced with tractor supply parts also dels--search tractor supply for pictures. the chain is crap, replace with #41. and then-------- mitch