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Jan 9, 2009
Hi everyone,

I've been lurking for a while, and UTSE a LOT. My wife bought me a RAW 80cc kit for xmas, for my 10 year old and I to install on a bike for both/all of us to enjoy. The donor bike will be my 10 year old Electra Street Rod, and the engine fit is good....

The hub's another story. Its a shimano nexus 7 speed and the hub is big enough to cover the sprocket holes, so I'm looking to get another hub soon.

The next problem I'm having is clutch cable attachment. The actuator arm moves back and forth freely without the cable on, and I can't figure out how to engage the clutch. No matter how I move the arm, I can't move the sprocket freely. Is the shaft sticking out of the casing supposed to depress? Mine moves OUT just fine, but I can't move it IN, toward the engine. The actuator arm is a half bolt, flat on one side. I'm guessing its supposed to move the shaft in toward the engine to engage the clutch (disengage the drive sprocket). I've searched pretty well and can't figure it out.

I know how much free play I'm supposed to end up with, but different directions call for the cable to be on different sides of the motor, pulling the arm either towrd or away from the engine, depending on which instruction I use. If I could get the sprocket to freewheel, I could figure out which way is correct but without disassembling the entire clutch, I'm stumped. Rather not disaasemble the entire clutch. Can anyone help out a newb?

Sorry for the long intro. And Yes, I will post pics if desired.

Mick in Stamford CT


May 25, 2008
Howdy Mick, welcome. I am in the Hartford area. The clutch arm moves in towards the center of the engine. I have had a few chinagurls where you had to lay them on their right side. While pushing the clutch arm in, towards the floor and guide. turn the sprocket with a wrench or screw driver. Some just need to be "broke" free.
Bummer about the hub! Andy from King's sales (upper left advertisement) is a member here. Might be cheaper to replace the sprocket then that great hub, but I really don't know. Some one will.

Pics always help. I get confusid easy like, snork

Again welcome! ....and what a great gift
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