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    Hello all, like many others I see posting on this site, I am new to MotorBicycling and am in the process of putting together my first bike. My biggest question so far is regarding the use of the Sturmey Archer kick back 2 speed hub. I like the idea of having a couple gears and want to avoid extra cabling and such. This seemed like an easier solution, but I cannot find information on how to set it up and how to attach the sprocket. This will be a simple bike using one of the cheaply 2 strokes for the first pass. We have somewhat of a little competition going on for a bike build and we are buying motors in bulk form so we all have the same to start with.

    Anyway, that's my winter project and I can use any advise out there.


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    Welcome to the forum. Since the kick back 2 speed has a coaster brake, a motor sprocket should attach as it would with a single speed coaster hub.
    Attaching the kit sprocket to a coaster brake hub can sometimes require some bending of the brake arm. Some coaster hubs require the dust cover be ground down a bit for a good sprocket fit.
    My Shimano coaster required no mods for sprocket installation. I did have to use a couple of the flat coning wrenches.
    You should be able to attach the motor sprocket to your KB hub with simple tools like a couple of crescent wrenches and a file if needed.
    I visited Chicago this summer for the first time. It was Lullapaloosa (sp?) weekend so the waterfront was packed. I'd love to spend more summer vacations there.

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