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Jan 7, 2017
I'm working on putting a motorized bike project together so I thought I'd join to maybe get some tips and ideas.

So far I think I'll be using a DeNardis 50cc 2 stroke air cooled engine with kick start and a custom made frame with built in engine mounts, dual spring fork, bars, and seat post.

I'm still trying to find the perfect rear hub to use... Since I'm going with a kick start I'm not even sure I'd need a right hand drive hub. I was thinking of getting a left hand drive fixed gear hub with a 44T cog and a right side disc brake mount made.

I'm trying to keep it clean and light, or as light as a bike with a motor needs to be.



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Dec 4, 2010
lakewood ca
try the morini section for hot 2 stroke mx engines. you might want to look for a ktm 50cc bike that way you get everything, pipe, carb,cdi/coil,throtle cables and a way better made engine and if it has the race clutch your way ahead of the curve. these guys spend a fortune on their kids bikes then they out grow them or loose interest. nothing wrong with the DeNardis but they are a step down china engine. what ever you choose welcome and your gonna have a blast. dennis


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Mar 15, 2012
Santa Barbara, CA
DeNardis 50cc 2 stroke? Sweet!! I doubt you would need a right side drive hub, but in most states it must have a peddle drive to be called a motorized bicycle.