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Sep 21, 2008
I'm always looking to tinker, so I found a bike speedo, odo, mileage gizmo for only $1. plus $2.99 ship. It actually works well also.
Now, if I can learn Chinese translated instructions as you need to set about 6 settings right after you install the battery.
I'm impressed by all the inexpensive products that I can buy now. (but I'm also simple:bike2:)



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Sep 23, 2008
Ontario Canada
Its garbage, I got one and the quality is so poor its unbelievable, I had to use JB weld to keep the peices together, I wanted to send it back but its not worth it with the shipping and the fact it only cost me $3. This is how the Chinese get rid of their garbage products, they get us gullible Canadians and Americans to buy their do I know this? I have Chinese co-workers and they told me this.MAC


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Jul 15, 2008
OC, Ca
I thought I was getting a great deal on some bicycle lights from an ebay vendor from china. They were going to be $7 including shipping, so I bought 4. A week later a tried them out. They were bright! Then I installed them on the bike and went for a ride. After about 20 ft., they stopped working......due to vibation, the battery contacts misalligned. Then after a block, 1 fell off and shattered as it hit the ground. Oh well, it was worth a try. they did make the bike look pretty good though. Bargain shopping can be at times too good to be true.