New build, no power


May 12, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Girlfriend just bought a new 48cc from bikeberry. A bbr tuning kit. I installed it for her. On my bike, I've got an old grubee skyhawk that once I put on a new nt carb, runs great. Hers, not so much.

Get it going and release the clutch, the engine turns over. Flat land is ok, but not much power. Going uphill and you have to pedal, the engine wont even try. Also, engine wont idle. Even with the idle screw all the way in. Now, it will idle if you hold the throttle, so did that and checked for air leaks using carb cleaner. Had one at the carb/intake, sealed it. Now I cant find any other leaks, and engine still produces no power.

I swapped carbs. Hers works great on my bike, and with mine she still gets the same problem, so it's not the carb either.

Running a 50:1 opti-2 mixture in both bikes, always have with no problems.


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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
Mat check for a head gasket leak, if you can ,check the compression. I have a couple of 48cc bikes that run well, one is a 2010 gt2b that will do 32mph on flat roads. I would check the exhaust to make sure it's clear.
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allen standley

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Oct 22, 2011
Bangor, Maine
Needs a compression check... New from Bikeberry... Huh... I can't help but suspect cylinder plating is flaking off. As usual with most of their 2 stroke motors. Gutless out of the box - again.