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Jan 7, 2016
New noob (Ebikes) noob here, so be genital.

I am wanting to build a front wheel system, but I have a few questions here. I am look to buy this motor. Its the QS 205 35H V. I want to install it on the front forks, with a rack for the batteries above the wheel.

What kind of controller should I get with this motor? I really have no idea. A three speed system would be ok, I guess. 72V? What is the difference between brand names? What do you look for in a controller? I really have no idea here.

Batteries, How big should 4 or 5 brick be? Will they fit on the rack, mounted in the front? Do I really need 4 bricks, or could something smaller be better? Where would the bricks come from? Any links or recommendations?

Also I have heard that vibration is not good for the system. I guess its not good for any system, but the electronics in particular could be reduced, if possible. Would there be a difference in mounting the batteries, and controller in front or on the rear rack?


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Oct 28, 2010
Colonial Coast USA.
I realize this thread is stale but I will tell you what I know.
I built a crazy pick up trike out of junk parts that was powered by a common 9c hub kit running on 12s lipos.
.Worked well. I added a 22cc Echo trimmer engine to the front wheel, a friction drive. The E part of the thing got it up to speed the the Echo took over. The hub actually charged to some extent the battery. Each system could be used independently, but the E system must be on that allow the generated energy to reach the battery or the capacitors in the controller will be blown. Was an interesting experiment. You can see it in the trike/recumbent bike section.
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Feb 1, 2010
Sears,( going broke), has a 12Kg 36v 250w E mtn bike for $279 that would be a candidate to hybridize,

with a G.E.B.E kit., .....Hard to beat that price.spr.. They've got a 48v, 11.6Ah, 750 w
fat bike for $1350. The battery looks to be interchangeable with my 21Ah Juiced Bikes CCS.
I might just pull the trigger on that one.
IF you're really hard up for cash you can get this tinker toy for $169.
P.S. administrator, I want my likes back from the old forum.


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