need to identify HT bicycle motor

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    I bought a HT "80"cc from Ebay a long time ago fom someone that had a bunch of em. I am having clutch problems and Don Grube says all his GruBees had a decal on them. I already know a DAX clutch assy won't fit the shaft. This motor has 10mm head nut hexes, black tank and air cleaner, chrome muffler, and the stupid double lever clutch handle, and the poor kill button that clamped to the bar. Does anyone remember who was selling them on Ebay? I think they were called sky hawk or something like that.:-||
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    Re: need to identify HT motor

    actually my 48cc dualstart starfire gt2 grubee doesnt have a sticker because the pull start takes up the room where the sticker would be.

    but i do have emission and engine spec metal plate on engine.

    maybe someone can help you if you have a pic,number or engine info.
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